Anyone interested to make a video of the app?

It would be great if we have new video showing how the application works. The content can be orientated along the old videos, much of the basics is still the same, other thing need to be updated though.
The setup to have 2 local clients running you can find out at the wiki. Needs maybe a bit of dev skills, but not much.

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I was planning on doing a video. But first I want to understand how the app works. So I initiated a trade purchasing btc using eth.

What I noticed is that the application is waiting for the btc blockchain confirmations (6) which is perfect but is not using blockchain confirmations for the eth transaction which I initiated to purchase btc. Instead it is waiting that the seller confirms the eth payment even though the eth block chain confirmed the transaction more than 300 times.

Why wait for the seller to confirm the paid transaction when the eth blockchain could easily provide the information?

The bitcoin buyer need to wait for at least 1 confrimation, but it is up to him to wait longer if he wants higher level of security. The seller can decide what he thinks is safe for the used altcoin. It will be different in every altcoin and doing that automatic in Bitsquare would require a lot of engineering effort (need the data from any altcoin supported).

I understand that it would require more engineering effort. But still, maybe raise the fees for such a feature which support the most traded crypto currencies like ethereum and litecoin.

Right now, I am still waiting for the seller to confirm my transaction payment (trade id: 44ea2de3-0be3-4ab4-90de-78efd9caa651) even though the ethereum blockchain confirmed my payment more than 400 times.

Ah you mean that the system does the confirmation automatically. Hm…what might raise some security concerns. The blockexplorer would become a deciding element, now the user can choose his explorer he trusts… maybe more theoretical issue… but will consider it.

Yes exactly, e.g. at the poloniex exchange they wait for 36 eth blockchain confirmations and then the trade is automatically settled. You could use a combination of different block explorers to make sure that a certain amount of transaction confirmations are reached.

Because the way it works right now for just trading crypto currencies the experience is somewhat mixed. I have to wait for a human to confirm my transaction even though my transaction is already confirmed by the eth blockchain. The seller was even able to send the eth which I send him to a different address whereas I am still waiting for my btc.

Yes I agree. Will put it on the todo list…

Thanks, that would be perfect.
By the way, he confirmed the transaction and the trade is successfully closed.
I will record a video soon about the app. :slight_smile:

This is the video I created about my first trade:

Great video. Very informative and well narrated.

Great video, thanks! One small correction: You only need to wait for 1
bitcoin blockchain confirmation from the application side. If you prefer to have higher security against doublespend you can wait for more confirmations like 6 confirmations, but it is up to you if u prefer speed or security here. The integration of a check for the altcin blockchain is definitely a good idea for future releases!

Thanks, I should have gone more in detail that you can start the transfer after one confirmation which I actually did and that you get the confirmation check mark after six confirmations.

2 new videos published on youtube by some Bitsquare users!

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if you need a voiceover artist for the video lemme know. ive been a prof vo artist for over 13+yrs… :wink:

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Great thanks! Will come to you back for the next video!

sent you an email brother…thanks :wink: