Anyway to get signing powers early?

I have done about 50+ trades since update all successful. Is there anyway I can get signing powers early. Im on day 11, I would like to be able to start getting noobs accounts signed so they can buy bigger amounts of btc asap. Let me know thanks. There isnt to many actual people with signing powers and none have offers ever on the books.


Hell yes. I agree 100%!!! What are grown adults going to do with so little btc? It’s like we have to play like children with the platform for months before we’re able to trade with one another. I cannot imagine doing that. Life is too short.

There must be a fast track for us to use the platform and still keep out the kids, crooks, spergs, etc. Many of us are professionals and want to help Bisq flourish both as a platform AND community.

The ones behind it strongly believe on the propagation of trust in a certain manner. You feel safe now?

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lmao… no kidding.

IF you were only concerned with being in a safe or secure space, wouldn’t that be called maximum security? All joking aside though, I don’t know if I can see Bisq working for me. It’s very clunky and I’d like to help see it improved for all.