Api rather than UI?


Found out about bitsquare from reddit (bitfinex hack) and this is a BRILLIANT IDEA! I wanted to know if there is a API to send trades offer and to take trade offers? My trading strategy is based on market making futures and hedging my futures exposure with BTC…so UI is kind impossible for me to use.



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Thanks for your feedback!
At the moment not but we arre working on it.
Though automated trades for Fiat will not be possible soon because it requires APIs from the banks and they don’t deliver that. Only OKPay and PerfectMoney offer APIs but they are not much used.
For altcoins though we will add probably soon automated trading.
An alternative to Fiat is to use IOUs like BitUSD, Tether or NuBits which are pegged to USD or EUR.
With that you can use APIs once they are in place.

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I see you get asked the API question all the time:-)

Any news on the status of API development?

(referring to actually selling/buying as opposed to information requests)

First goal is to create offer. To do the whole trade will require more work and will only work.
I am not so involved in that task, better ask on the issue the guys who are working on it.