App installation

Hey… I am about to load my app with some coin to sell…Will there be any issue if the app close .i.e. computer auto updates or something…

Also my app install a fresh every time… Is that normal???
If i shut the app down after ive got some coin in there , is there any chance the coin can be deleted from my pc ??

Im assuming if there is any app issue I can type my passphrase in and it willl remember any coin i had in there??

I assume you’re using windows. You probably try to start the app with the installer. Please start Bitsquare from the start menu. It’s not normal that it installs every time.

You can shut down the app whenever you want, but remember, your open offers will only be visible for others as long as you’re running the app.

To restore your wallet you need your passphrase + the wallet date. When you make your backup, please save both.

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ok… I think your right. I just assumed the shortcut I was using was the one for the app and not the installer…

What happens if I reinstall the app accidentally?? will I loose everything…
Can I have two instances of the app open??

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You should backup the data directory anyway.

Yep all done… :slight_smile: