Arbitration system / Arbitrator Pool

Hi all,

Just wanted to bring this issue up since I believe it is critical to enable the platform to grow and to generate some discussion around it.
An increase in liquidity necessarily requires that traders are comfortable with and trust the way in which any potential disagreement on trades is handled.
I do not have any criticism so far with the way the arbitration system is setup nor with Manfred being the only arbitrator at this point.
Technically I don’t have much to offer either (a post I cannot find now goes more in that direction, where a feedback system supports the reputation of the arbitrators in the pool, mentions REP tokens or something?).
I just wanted to point out that however it is handled it is critical to the success of the platform.
Another thing I’d like to mention is that I’d be very much interested in helping out (and making a little profit!) once the arbitration pool opens up.
It will be very interesting to see how you will handle trust in such an important part of the system.

Kudos to the team, all the best!

The open and decentralized arbitration system will be the next bigger task after the DAO. Though it is a lot of effort and more devs are required to handle all that work load…thats why the DAO need to be in place first.