Arbitration time is past 2 wks, still not resolved


My dispute has been open for more than two weeks. The bisq rules say the dispute will be processed in this time.

The arbitrator said the seller received my payment but I have not been given btc and the dispute remains open after they said they would close it on June 25th.

Hi @xpub , do you know who is your arbitrator ?

Hi thanks, it is swfmgmb2aoyqxkte

I send a message to the arbitrator, but today is saturday so maybe you’ll have to wait a bit.
(If you want fast answer, it’s better to join during the week.)
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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@cbeams @keo are the arbitrators.
Can you post your trade ID so they can have a look?
Likely the dispute message did not arrive. Be sure to have the latest update installed as there have been some improvements added to make that more reliable. You can re-open a dispute by cmd+o at the pending trade.

Yes, please share the trade ID and I’ll pick it up from there.

I too have been having a similar problem as I’ve sent several responses to cash app support, however I have not received anything in reference to a payment being refunded back to my account and it shows in a dispute that has been filled with my bank however with no response and the payment being refunded to one of my accounts (merged) where do I go from here? Can do help me

Thanks for your help. The tx id is 737769. I’m using v0.7.1 and I can still see the open support ticket. I did the new install yesterday.

Try to re-open a dispute with cmd+o. might be that the first msg did not arrive.

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Ok thanks I did that. (Portfolio > Open trades > cmd+o)


When I Open dispute again, my open trade looks the same except the payment started message status is Undefined ? now. The support ticket looks the same to me also.

Arbitrator should respond to you now in the next 24 hours.

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@xpub, I have re-opened the dispute ticket on my side, and I’ve sent a message to both you and your counterparty. The problem is that when I originally closed this ticket on June 26th, the payout transaction never actually took place. This can happen because of a dropped message, and can always be fixed. Please bring your Bisq client online, respond to my latest arbitration message, and keep your client online afterward. When I see your message, I’ll re-close the ticket and double-check that the payout transaction occurs as expected.

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@xpub got back to me in-app, and I’ve re-closed the dispute ticket. The payout transaction has been broadcast as expected this time and is now confirmed. All is well.