I was making a trade (with altcoin) and the time expired without the buyer starting the payment.
I opened a support ticket. Nobody seemed to respond.

How long should that take? the buyer didn’t even mark the payment as started. Isn’t that a trivial case? Probably just forgot about the whole thing or changed his mind. I’ve got a lot of funds now locked in.

Unfortunately, even if it is not too frequent, apart from the timeout issues, it’s not an unusual thing.
When did you open your support ticket ?
Do you know the onion address of your arbitrator ?

I opened the ticket a few hours ago.
My messages are confirmed as received but there are no replies whatsoever.
Arbitrator address: 3b7cft5k4ae6a236.onion (how can it help?)

By the way, I was trying to read about the arbitration process, is there any material outside of google docs? I can’t / won’t open that.

There is this section in the faq :

Please take in consideration that it’s sunday and Bisq is a small team.
Your arbitrator is @keo , he will probably contact you today or tomorrow at the latest.

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It is good to wait 24h if the messages to the arbitrator seem successfully sent.
Otherwise, you would be able to reopen a ticket with cmd+o.


Well now the buyer says he paid.
I really don’t understand why is it complicated.
The person didn’t mark the payment as started at all.
And now claims he paid. OK, so what about providing some proof?

Why doesn’t the arbitrator ask for proof to begin with?
Why this needs to go on and on with my funds locked in during this whole time?

As far as I understand providing a proof is a matter of 2 minutes. Then it can be checked by arbitrator within 2 more minutes.

Now we have a fact-less back and forth.

The only reason for this in my opinion is buyer trying to stall so he can get some more time for his forward trading.

Then, he will eventually say “oops you’re right, I didn’t actually send the transaction”.

Why should users be allowed to do that?

I beg arbitrators to ask for proof to begin with in such cases and not let people stall and stall.

Or even worse, maybe he’ll say - hmmm I can’t provide proof, my Windows crashed and I have no backup. But I promise, I paid. How do handle that?

@gati ,
you told that this trade is BTC for altcoins
… so you should be able to verify with an explorer if the money is on the address or not.

(If you use an explorer, better do it with torbrowser).

@Homard this is a monero trade. If the buyer insists not to provide the tx key we will never know will we.

OK, it’s clear, I had two transactions of almost the same size (both 1BTC) coming in at the same monero block so I missed it.

Still isn’t clear why buyer didn’t mark the trade as paid - I would probably seen it if he did it at the time instead of just letting the 24 period expire.

Sometimes there is a bug that greys out the payment started button.
It is a simple process in theory, but in practice there are bugs.

I guess it is simpler for the arbitrator to just forward the message from the buyer first so you can double check, since vast majority of disputes in Bisq are either bugs or honest mistakes, rarely it is someone trying to scam the other trader.

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I bought BTC for XMR, I sent XMR one hour after my trade was taken. It was Friday evening. My BTC are still locked, I give outproof to arbiter, and AFAIK he try to explain seller how to synchronize his wallet. Im angry also, but we have to understand arbiters. If he resolve my dispute as seller fault, seller probably will start write a lot of posts in different places “bisq is a scam”.

If it is an honest mistake, arbitrators usually don’t punish the trader with the security deposit. They just teach them what they did wrong so it doesn’t happen again.

Rarely anyone calls Bisq a scam, I guess because it is open source and the way it works is very transparent. Some users don’t find use in Bisq, but it is very rare to hear someone calling it a scam.