Arbitrator can't validate my Monero proof?

I have a Monero buyer who has gone AWOL, it’s been well over 48 hours since the trade ended.

Arbitrator has asked for “tx key”, “txn id” and “destination address”. I have provided these 3 things as per the guide here:

But they say there is something wrong with the TX key. I am getting really worried now because I have checked all of these details with the “Check transaction” function in the Monero wallet and it comes back with “This address received XXXX monero, with XXXX confirmation(s).”

Is there something I am doing wrong or missing here? I have checked and triple checked and everything looks completely right to me (the original transaction and the proof that I sent).

I am not sure. Maybe you can ask on some Monero channels for help.
On some forum or their subreddit or irc channels.

So it looks like the “P” button in the Monero Wallet GUI does not provide txkey in a format required by Bisq.

In order to get the txkey they require you need to use the monero CLI with the command get_tx_key TXNID.

Because I have never done this before I assume they were the same thing but apparently not, hopefully this helps someone else.


@eeeper did the arbitrator tell you why they chose the CLI method instead of the GUI method since both work and there are probably more GUI users?