Arbitrator deselect setting not working

Within the Arbitrator selection setting. The accept check box next to the arbitrator reverts after I deselect it. I don’t want to use one of the two Arbitrators for upcoming future trades. Is this possible?

I just updated to v0.6.1, same problem.

Unfortunately there is only two arbitrators currently in Bisq.
As the DAO gets implemented, there will be an unlimited supply of arbitrators to choose from in the future.

I see, so your saying, currently the app limits the Aribitrator selection to at least 2?

No, I meant that you can’t have no arbitrators selected and that there are only 2 at the moment :smiley: sorry if I misunderstood your question

I assume it should be possible, but both arbitrators are to be trusted. There is no real benefit of removing one arbitrators, but it should be possible. Have you tried restarting the app?

I just tried a restart. Looks like it limits you to two. Are you able to deselect one and have it save?