Arbitrator did not send my security deposit?

hey guys
during Feb 18 and Feb 22 a dispute was made against me because I failed to send money to the person selling BTC to me
I left my computer unattended and that’s what led to the dispute
I lost 60 dollars from this trade

Ticket closed on 27 Feb 2019 21:20:24

BTC buyer/Maker delivered tamper proof evidence: No
BTC buyer/Maker did ID verification: No
BTC buyer/Maker did screencast or video: No
Payout amount for BTC buyer: 0.00 BTC
Payout amount for BTC seller: 0.0264 BTC

Summary notes:
Buyer did not send CAD and never replied

as you can see from up here it seems like the seller received double the amount.
i originally had 0.0117 for security deposit
the seller gave me 0.0118 and i was supposed to send money from bank
arbitrator shows up and returns the 0.0118 and gives my 0.0117?

the trade ID is

and the arbitrator is

This is @arbitrator1 (ping :wink: )

(Please notice that today is sunday.)

As you did not send the CAD the seller got refunded his BTC from the trade amount (0.0117 BTC). As you violated the trade agreement by not paying and by not replying is the dispute (was about 3 days open, 2 days is max. time for reply) the peer received as reimbursement for the lost trade opportunity and time your security deposit.

The security deposit is an important feature to ensure that traders are following the trade protocol. If they violate it they lose it to the other peer.

I didn’t realize that the peer would also receive my money just cause I wasn’t there to do the trade. I thought the peer will ask to trade before sending me money
god that’s frustrating that’s a huge loss
will this affect me in any future disputes?

like will my account be flagged as non-trusted in a future trade?
will the arbitrator take sides?

… If you do that again, it’s very possible the arbitrator will remind it.

There is no such mechanism at work in Bisq atm.
But some users take systematic notice of the counter-party with whom they trade, in order to avoid users not following the protocol.

see also this thread : What happens if buyer pays at last minute and trade period ends before seller can confirm payment receipt?

If the other trader didn’t put you on block list, no, it won’t affect your future trades in any way.

Maybe there should be either an optional confirmation screen when you are a maker and someone takes your trade. Or at least a pop-up, if there isn’t already, explaining that making an offer obligates you to a trade contract.

The other peer stated that he sent the funds. There was not reason to doubt his statement. We only do additional validation (Pagesigner) in case there is a dispute that the buyer claims that he sent and the seller claims that he did not received. In case one seller do not respond it is assumed he received it.
The damage for the other peer is already high enough by losing time and requiring extra effort, the sellers deposit is low so not much of reimbursement. If we would then even require the buyer to provide additional proof of the transfer (which can become complicate if Pagesigner does not work) it would add even more friction to his side.

To your other question: No there is no blacklist beside that clear scammers getting banned.
If the peer has set you to his local ignore list is up to him and private to him.
Arbitrators might remember and exchange special shady cases, but that one is not such.