Arbitrator forgot to return my deposit?

I sold BTC for EUR via SEPA, and received the EUR payment, but because the Bisq account of my trading partner didn’t have a name attached I opened a dispute. I discussed this with arbitrator 3b7cft5k4ae6a236.onion:9999, who asked my trading partner about the account, but the arbitrator didn’t receive a response at all. After a couple of days I decided to keep the EUR. The arbitrator closed the issue… but I didn’t get my deposit back.

Any help?

(This just happened, in the last hour or so.)

Perhaps Bisq isn’t showing the right balance.
Check your deposit tx with a block explorer (with Tor browser for privacy) and see if the coins were unlocked from a multisig.

If dispute is closed and coins really are still locked in a multisig, you can reopen the dispute with cmd+o.

It is possible that arbitrator did a payout with buyer and the trade is waiting for buyer to go online so the 2-of-3 multisig can be signed. Arbitrator can always do the payout with you instead, if it is taking too long.

The “ticket closed” message also says “Payout amount for BTC seller: 0.00 BTC”. (I was the seller.)

Judging by what I’m seeing on the block explorer, the full amount went to the buyer… (Even though it was him who did not include his name in the Bisq account and did not respond to messages from the arbitrator.)

That is odd.
This is @keo’s trade, so maybe he can look into it, just PM him your trade id.

If you give the tradeID I will investigate.

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Contact me on

Thanks. I sent you a DM, and now also an email.

It’s solved.