Arbitrator Hasn't responded

Hey guys,

I bought some BTC on Bitsquare, opened trade on the 19th of September.
There were some issues and I chatted with an arbitrator, issues were resolved but the trade hasn’t gone through yet.
The arbitrator hasn’t responded since the 25th of September.

Any help would be welcome,

I am the arbitrator and just came back from travelling. I will look into it in the next days (a lot of work to catch up now…).
Can u send me an email (manfred at bitsquare dot io) in the meantime so I can instruct u what to do?

email sent


Hi, so this is somewhat related maybe? I had a trade that transitioned to arbitration and a support ticket automatically opened. But then the trade settled and my support ticket status is still Open. Why is that? The ticket is for trade id 1f73a3c1.

Hi, my topic seems to be related too.
my trade had some confirmation issues. I opened a ticket and the arbitrator helped to finish the trade. The ticket was closed with the message everybody is getting its BTC. But I did not receive any until now.
Help please.

Can u PM me the trade ID? I will have a look, seems the payout tx did not succeed. But no worry we will get it out…