Arbitrator Information Retention


Just wondering what information is made available to the arbitrator in the case of a dispute. Both the peers ID and bank details? How long do they retain this data?

Thanks in advance.

It depends from case to case but on a bank transfer it suffices to show your bank certificate saying you sent the amount. The arbitrator can hold to that information for as long as thy want to. Remember, they’re just another person with whom you shared the trade details.

I assume it is all the information you provided to Bisq when creating a national currency account.

I don’t think they retain any information on purpose. There is perhaps old messages from disputes saved in their clients until they switch to a new data directory.

Best to ask arbitrators this @keo @arbitrator1
Keep in mind that we will be moving to the DAO very soon which should decentralize the arbitrator role. Currently we have only two arbitrators and they are part of the Bisq team, so there is quite a bit of trust involved currently in this arbitration process.