Arbitrator not responding thread

A thread for all to put latest “arbitrator not responding” support requests.

The arbitrator said he will close the dispute 8 days ago.
Still not closed.
Messages to arbitrator in bisq are marked as received by arbitrator, but no response.

What to do next?

Please tell us the arbitrator’s onion adress here.
You may also indicate which reference the dispute concerns.


That’s @keo if not wrong.
If he doesn’t respond here, we may try the slack.

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Can you give me the tradeID so I can open and close the dispute again?


Trade ID: 130630-44e0d7b9-b6d8-461d-8b81-a4344e7e8916-080

Hey I’m having trouble with a trade where I was the taker of a ‘buy BTC’ offer and have completely held up my end of the bargain but the funds have not been released to me. It seems that the arbitrator is not online so I wanted to see if I could reach them on here.

The arbitrators onion address is : 3de2y2bhifakoa7m.onion
The trade ID is : LCNCRZH5-36103b85-10f0-4dbe-90e1-d9608029e779-080

Thank you so much if anyone can help <3