Arbitrator not responding

Hi, just stuck on a trade as I have received payment for sold BTC however case has been opened and now the arbitrator not responding. I would like to get the security deposit back so I can continue trading and the other side would probably want their bitcoins as well.


I’m sure he will pm you soon. Out of curiosity, how long has it been?

Less than a day. So not long. All is sorted now anyway. Does the tick next to the messages mean that he has read the message or just delivered?


The tick means that he was online and received it not that he read it. the mail icon means he was not online

Both arbitrators don’t see that dispute. It might be that your network connectivity was bad in the moment you opened the dispute so the message did not arrive. Try again with selecting the trade and click cmd+o. You will get asked if u are sure to re-open again and confirm…

I’ve received the dispute, and can now see the ticket. Let’s take this up in the app.

@SD86gdns9H, apologies for the delay. I am there, and am catching up on a number of dispute issues now. Stay tuned to the arbitration chat for this trade, thanks.