Arbitrator response please

I opened a dispute 2 days ago and an arbitrator (3b7cft5k4ae6a236.onion:9999) responded saying that we will give the seller two days to respond. The two days expired a few hours ago and having waited more than 8 days since I made payment to the seller I am anxious to resolve the trade.

Is there a way to contact/ping the arbitrator to get back to me since he does not respond to my messages today?

This is @keo’s arbitraton address, so pinging him here.

Thanks Chris @cbeams

Can you help me Keo @keo ?

I am traveling in two hours for the next two days and will only have intermittent access to internet so would like to resolve the trade asap.

For various reasons I was unable to respond here before, but I believe the dispute was closed very close in time to your message.