Arbitrator Selection Ignored

I’m not being able to negotiate as the client complains I didn’t select an arbitrator. However, when I go to the arbitrator selection screen, it shows a single arbitrator with both the checkboxes at its right and the bottom (Auto select…) already checked.

Could you restart and check if you see then 2 arbitrators in the list? Then you should be able to open a dispute.

It eventually started to show two arbitrators, which enabled me to make my first transaction, and it all went smoothly. Congratulations for the great work.

Do you have the latest verison There was an issue with the earlier version 0.4.8.

Yes, the client warned me about the problem, so I upgraded. I made the transaction using

Oh…! This is my first trade and… I think I have the same problem! :unamused:

I have already upgraded the program but everything remains the same… What should I do?

You mean the arbitrators selection does not show both selected? If so can you manually select both? If you have a failed trade because of that you can open a disput eby clicking ctrl+o or cmd+o when u have selceted the pending trade.

Because it is my first transaction, I dont know well the procedure.
What happens now is that the error message still appears although both arbiters appear selected.

Did you try to open a dispute? If you select the trade and then click cmd+o or ctrl+o you should be able to open the dispute. If not, then please send me an email (manfred [at] bitsquare [dot] io) and I will assist you how to proceed.

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But still left 20 hours for the transaction is completed. I do not want to harm the seller. (I’m buying)