Arbitrator transaction finalised, lost Bitsquare wallet

The arbitrator transaction took two weeks to finalise, managed to lose access to the Bitsquare wallet in the meantime.
I have the transaction ID and ownership of the external funding wallet.
How can I remedy this situtation?

Do you maybe have seed words for the Bitsquare wallet?

Do you have made a backup or stored the seed words? If not there is no help. If you are more specific how you lost your access maybe someone can help with an idea (e.g. in case of a HD crash or accidental delete -> there are recovery possibilities)

I reinstalled my OS and do not have the seed words written down.
Why can’t this person send the BTC back to sender if there were no trades made after a certain time?

I don’t quite understand the situation here. Could you please specify to what arbitrator transaction you are referring to and explain the whole situation? :slight_smile:

Restore from a backup?

Hi, and sorry for late reply.
I paid a security deposit of 0.0336 BTC and lost my wallet later. Is there really no way for this deposit to be returned to my original address?
I don’t have the seed words, unfortunately.
TX: 67760e93423eb949654dea2361e3a932cbafc4dc917dbc8e69bbf3348e355829

Security deposits get locked up in the multisig during a trade. If you paid a security deposit and started a trade, then 2 of 3 keys are needed to unlock the funds. Since you don’t have yours, and no one else does, arbitrator and other trader have to sign the transaction to release both security deposits. However, I get the feeling that it came to a dispute during a trade and other trader got both deposits since you weren’t there. At what exact point did you lose your wallet? How far did you come in the trade?

How did you lost your wallet? If you did nor reply to the dispute case the deposit goes to the other trader as reimbursement for lost time and trade opportunity. u have be aware that u are entering a financial contract by accepting a trade or creating an offer.

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The security deposit transaction itself took approx. 15 days to complete. I didn’t notice straight away, either. The dialog box with waiting for confirmation was up until I shut down my computer, IIRC. This was May ~20-22, so I assume long gone the opportunity for a dispute anyhow.
I then had a critical OS failure, forcing me to reinstall.

You probably used an old version of Bitsquare that had low mining fees so the transactions took a lot of time. I assume that the trade started and as the trade couldn’t go on the other trader opened a dispute and won since you didn’t reply, your BTC now are probably at the other trader’s address. Other then asking him nicely there is probably nothing you can do about it now. That is just how the protocol works.

Hope there was something else that happend here and that your BTC aren’t completely lost, but I assume they are. Btw you can search for data recovery programs (such as one named Recuva , there are plenty more, nothing special about this one) since deleted files aren’t always overwritten on the disk, just marked as free space.

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I downloaded TestDisk and will do some prodding around. Even if I manage to get my wallet back, how would I go about recovering my BTC? The dispute is most likely won by the other party.
I do not know which address to follow and how to contact the owner behind it.

Well if it did come to the dispute, then I don’t think you can do much really. Maybe arbitrator can help you if you give him the trade ID, he can maybe ask the other trader if he wants to help you out, since the problem started with the low fee transactions.

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Yes the dispute was in favor for the peer if you did not reply. so the security deposit is likely gone.
hope u can recover your data!