I have not received BTC in trade at step 4
ID trade: 04027848-2ae9da27-5984-493f-8d4c-91fe49aad3e7-094

Open a dispute through BISQ platform, but arbitrator has not yet contact me. Can anyone help?


@arbitrator1 i think this is you.


The selected arbitrator in my ID trade is: urlujknbe7itmiwl.onion:9999


If it hasn’t been 24h since the dispute is opened yet, then it might be that he was just not online. Otherwise he should respond here in time.


makes sense… thanks


I am wonder if there is another way of getting in touch with @arbitrator1


I don’t have any dispute case with 04027848. Can you re-open it by clicking cmd+o when the trade is selected?


My BISQ was down for the past 8hrs, I have re-opened the dispute with Ctrl-O while selecting the trade.


Still need to finish updating OS for another 15 min.

In the meantime, here is a screenshot:


I see the dispute now but no message. Can you send it again? Do you have stable internet? We have a bit p2p network issues but still wondering that 2 messages from you did not arrive.


@arbitrator1 All seems to work on my end and have reposted my original link.