Arbitrators ignoring my case while my coins are locked in multi-sig


I opened a case on May 28 as the peer did not pay, now 4 days have passed and:

  • I don’t have my coins as they are still locked in the multi-sig
  • the arbitrator is ignoring my case and my messages since May 29

Can anyone tell me what the hell is happening? So far I did 2 transactions and both were bad experience for me. Trade ID SLTXF0

At the moment there’s only one arbitrator, so it’s possible that he is AFK. It could also be that he’s waiting for an answer from your counterpart to fairly arbitrate your case.

As far as I know the arbitration period is 2 days and that period passed 2 days ago. The arbitrator said he will close the case on May 29 and since then he went silent. If it was just a few hours I would not complain.

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Then he must be AFK

Hi, I just checked and saw the case closed but the payout did not got published. I will re-open and do again a payout. If it still does not work I will instruct on you the application chat how to continue. But now worry u will get your btc out… no funds lost ever in Bitsquare!


Strange, I see the case as opened. Perhaps a bug? Thanks for the help.

Yes it can be that in certain network conditions a message get lost. I just did the payout and saw it in the explorer. so should be ok now.

All good now.