Are the transactions on Cryptocompare accurate?

On Cryptocompare, they list Bisq transactions. Are these all the transactions? Is Cryptocompare up to date? In the past 3 days there were only 2 transactions.

No it is not. You can see that there were 4 trades just today in the app or at

Thanks for the link. I looked at the link a the list of last 100 trades and see the last tx is 4:44am EST. It is now 10:14am EST. Is a 5.5 hour delay typical for that site?

That site is just posting info from the network that you can access yourself in the app by going to Trades tab.
The delay isn’t in the site, app shows that as well, which means that there were simply no trades made since then on Bisq. Bisq does have smaller volume then many centralized exchanges as it lacks big marketing. It grows however all the time, naturally.