Are the Whonix HowTos current?

I understand Bisq is not a multi-million dollar project so I’m not trying to be rude but sometimes the docs are not updated until called to the attention of this community (ex - PGP keys.)

It’s clear the whonix pages have not been updated. The instructions still say to run Bisq with the flag to run without the DAO, and I have not had much luck with Bisq on Whonix so I’m wondering if the docs could be updated?

Since the only decent doc is on the Whonix website, it’s not that Bisq hasn’t updated their docs, but then again if the only docs for running Bisq on Whonix are out of date, then no one can run Bisq on whonix.

Basically, can someone from Bisq test and confirm that this page is 100% correct:

Specifically, what are the firewall settings for the Whonix workstation?

And is this file up to date: /usr/share/doc/onion-grater-merger/examples/40_bisq.yml ?

(As far as contributions from the community go, I’ve tried, I think that I am right there is a problem, and I will test things if I can help.

No they are not. So I’ve been working with the Whonix devs to fix. Help from Bisq experts would be extremely useful.

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