Verifying installer on linux

i’m having difficulty verifying the installer file for bisq 2. i downloaded the installer and .asc file from the download page and get the message:

gpg: no signed data
gpg: can’t hash datafile: No data

i WAS able to successfully verify the installer file for bisq1…

what am i doing wrong?

I believe you asked this question on telegram as well.
To the benefit of other readers, what you have to do is make sure both files have the same base file name, where the .asc is 100% identical to the deb, plus the .asc suffix at the end, so ending with .deb.asc

thank you.
why would the filenames posted on the offical download page not be identical, ie require the user to change the filename? is it any cause for concern?

I would write it off as a simple human error, but relevant devs have been notified

I see though that now the deb+asc filenames are fine in the releases page

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