As a n00b... What's my wallet adress?

So i have secured my account with a password, i backed it up by writing down my personal words. But now i have bitcoins i want to put in my account, but what is the adress i send it too? The “onion adress”?

You can not send bitcoins to an onlion address, that is something completely unrelated to cryptocurrencies. You can go to Funds tab in your Bisq client and you should see a Bitcoin address generated upon the installation. You could generate more addresses on that screen as well.

Also note that you can fund your trades directly, without putting bitcoins in your local wallet first. This could save you the mining fees.

sorry to resurrect a dead topic, but my question seemed appropriate for this thread.

Why does the Bisq client generate new addresses uncommanded? I currently have three addresses, and I never pressed the “generate address” button.


Thats a glitch which is a bit hard to fix but has no real problems. Your wallet creates a few hundred addresses at first start, it is just not displayed to the user.

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My apology as well for bumping, but what is “funding directly”? Creating an offer pops up the “pay BTC to this address to continue”, is this the direct part, or something else?

Some explanations here

As for your other question about reusing any already own existing bitcoin address in Bisq, I guess the answer is no.
But I’m not 100% sure.
Better wait an answer from somebody more knowledgeable.

Aha! Essentially “direct funding” means what I described, basically nothing, just follow the menus. And somewhat cryptically the text says the separate addresses are enforced internally, but don’t care about them externally lol. That’s very close to hypocrisy, unless Bisq builds in a mixer or something.

If you fund a trade from an external wallet you can easier control that you are not merging the coins from other trades. If you use the internal wallet that is much harder. Of course you need to take care to keep the funds you sent externally to Bisq and you send out after the trade to an external wallet separate from another trade, but that is outside of Bisq’s influence. So its not “hypocrisy” but a bit more complex to explain it in the UI in a short sentence which does not confuse newbies and which does satisfy privacy concerned users. If you have better ideas how to communicate that feel free to participate. Otherwise try to tame your tone.

There was actually no tone. You have done a great job with this whole thing, but I strongly feel you will need these 2 feature requests, the easy one “allow address reuse” and the tricky one “mixing by default”. If a README sounds “very close to hypocritical” to me, I don’t think it extends to the writer or the community. If it does not extend to persons, there is no tone.