Attempted to reimport wallet, both via backup and seed words

But nothing shows up in the value. Any suggestions? LTC wallet if it matters.

Try deleting the SPV chain file in Settings and restarting the app twice.

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I managed to get it working by installing bisq into a ubuntu virtual machine, setting it to LTC as base, then importing the unencrypted backup using the WIF key. (Edit: To VIEW your keys, press Alt+J and make sure you have show private keys selected.) Which, if anyone in the future is reading this, can be found by searching for the key listed in context=AVAILABLE, address=(generated this adddress for this specific example) LcZZ96pZPiv9qJQjRfoCtgD8SN4mCNzb9S. So, you can search for LcZZ96pZPiv9qJQjRfoCtgD8SN4mCNzb9S and it will look like this.

DeterministicKey{pub HEX=string of hex numbers and letters, priv HEX=more hex output, priv WIF=This is what you want usually. I imported it into the LTC version of electrum. (Electrum-LTC)