Attempted to withdraw from wallet stuck (unconfirmed)


I attempted to withdraw to another btc address on 9/18. The transaction is still unconfirmed and I can’t access the funds.

The tx id is: 48db1f7c972cf9d36bfe35840227f32ac1218526fd75095357f7d4c0af200422
The recipient address is: 39CVDUnJmRpfQ38njNE7UGvcH4P9C8oVnE

Any help would be appreciated.


The transaction id provided is invalid. There are zero transactions on the address provided.

Probably the funds are still in your wallet. The transaction cannot be found.

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Yeah, you should always be able to access your private keys with alt+j, after removing the wallet password and restarting, in case you can’t get Bisq to connect properly to the Bitcoin network to publish a transaction.

You should double check your Internet connection if it works fine and confirm that you have enough Bitcoin network peers in Settings->Network Info. If all looks good, you can try deleting the SPV chain file in Settings and restarting the app.

PS: In order to withdraw your funds at any time, you can use cmd+e if your Bisq client can connect to the network without any issues.

Thanks friends! I was able to clear the SPV chain and the funds were restored to my balance. I appreciate the help.