Attn: Canadians I urgently need a small amount of BTC please!

Hey neighbors, I urgently require 0.042 BTC, paying with CAD via Interac. I have created two offers at market price, one for 0.02 BTC (approx. $156 CAD) and the other for 0.022 BTC (approx. $171 CAD).

If interested please accept my offer(s) and you will receive fiat promptly via Interac. I am by the computer almost all day except when sleeping, lol. I have an aged account and I have been active on the forum in the past.

Cheers and thanks.

My offers to purchase BTC are now set at 1% over market, meaning I will pay 1% premium over current market price to the offer taker (seller of BTC). If this doesn`t generate any interest within the next few hours, I will have to cancel these offers and move to another platform with more liquidity. That would be a shame because I really like Bisq!

Offers deleted due to no takers. Reluctantly went to Local Bitcoins. sigh

I will pay 1% premium over current market price

I guess at Local Bitcoins you pay more than 1% premium.

But it’s true that except in the EURO/SEPA market it may need a lot of patience and several hours or days being online to get a offer taken…

Unfortunately, urgent and Bisq still doesn’t match together.

True. I think I paid 4% but the entire transaction was done in less than an hour with a pro advertiser. What I really hate is the damn selfie holding ID and a note describing the transaction. It will be so nice when there is more Canadian action on Bisq.

Agreed! I had a feeling I was expecting too much but I had to give it a try. Offers were up a good 36 hours or so.

In EUR we had these problem too, but that was so many time ago!
One day you realize that with ±1% orders, they are accepted in a few hours and it’s great. But that still doesn’t mean that you can rely on Bisq for an urgency, because the payment process can take long to be completed.

I hope Can $ is the same one day.