Augur REP token to be released today on Oct 4th

I understand augur REP token will be distributed today and Poloniex and Kraken will be ready to trade. Bitsquare should add this token.

We still have a lot of standard coins to add before we start chasing new eth tokens. I also note that it went on EtherDelta tonight if anyone wants to trade them “on the quiet.”

More than 10,000BTC transaction done at Poloniex over the past 24 hours.

Yup, their trollbox was full of it. I was also online at EtherDelta when they went live with Rep. Volumes and market depth were disappointing. I read the Rep website and couldn’t see a valid reason to buy it.

Bitsquare isn’t about chasing P&D or new launches, it’s all about privacy.

We have a few ETH tokens already (MKR,…). I still prefer to only those who get a lot of attention as the risk for disputes is high (users don’t know how to tranfer). But REP is one of the bigger ones, so I will add them.
We have to distinguish between normal altcoins which use their own blockchain and Tokens on other chains.
There are 100 000s of tokens and we will definitely not add them all ;-).

I’d seriously reconsider that, REP is down 99% already on Poloniex. It has no substance that I can determine.

same here :smiley: imagine in a few years bitcoin will merge with all altcoins as a sidechain fully working… it would be a future we never thought of lol

Adding a coin does not mean any indoresement. We need to be as neutral as possible and leave the market and intelligence of the user to decide what they want to use. Our policy is very limited to a few criterias. One complicate issue is the tokens versus altcoin topic. As creating a token is so easy we see much more tokens than altcoins. Creating an altcoin has at least some costs/effort so its a kind of “proof of work” against spam. So with adding not-relevant tokens we will be more conservative then with adding non-relevant altcoins. To decide what is relevant and what not is of course difficult, but a certian visibility in the media, etc. is a useful indicator (not meaning that this is an indicator for the value of the token, but at least that they put some effort/money into it).
Colu wanted to use Bitsquare for their tokens, but that will not work well in the currnet state as we dont have the UI prepared for 10000 tokens.

My thoughts on this are that we don’t want to get involved during the launch bunfight anyhow. It would cause innumerable support headaches for little return.

There are many established coins we still haven’t added.

I have not followed much but I will add a popup with a warning.

Surprisingly REP seems to have bounced back from the death spiral it was in on day 2 after the ICO. They pulled a really good stunt there.

Still don’t know what they’re about yet.