Australian Eyes Only... Growth Call

I would like to offer some cheaper offers than are typically seen in the Bisq pool for Australian users.

The offer will be 0.75% distance from market and the deposit required will be lowered from 10% to 5%

So what’s the catch?
I will be using the “Transfer with Same Bank” option. To accept the offers Bisq users will have to open and fund a Heritage Bank account.

Once opened, create a new account in Bisq for “Transfer with Same Bank” and the offers will be available. First purchase is limited to 0.01BTC due to Bisq V1.1.2 limitations

Features and benefits of this include:

  • Maintaining control over your private keys on the secure Bisq exchange.

  • Lower fees and deposit.

  • Faster transaction times, bank clearing is near instant. (Not everyone is on the NPP yet.) Plus ability to setup Inter-Bank payees.

  • Access to a debit card with cleared AUD on it.

  • Almost completely removes any scam opportunities.

NB: Heritage is a customer owned bank and wins multiple awards per year for their rates of customer satisfaction. There are no fees on opening or monthly account keeping fees for any of their products.


It’s probably worth advertising this on twitter and reddit.

Copy that blue leader!

There is also a #growth channel on dedicated to this kind of initiative.

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It’s not only the first trade that is limited for buyers. It’s a undefined temporary measure to avoid chargebacks.
Limits will be raised when security measures are stablished.

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