Automatic fees calculation for max possible offer?


since the beginning of bisq it was always hard to calculate the amount of BTC needed for an offer including deposits fees ,etc.

Is it possible to add a max offer button in order to make a maximum offer automatically calculating fees and deposits based on my wallet balance?


Mining fees are frequently subject to very abrupt variations.
Even if Bisq may propose a tool, I wonder how many users will be unsatisfied if the computed estimation proves to be wrong.

I am not talking about mining fees

these fees should be defined by the user

but based on the fees bisq must do the maths, for bisq trade fees (which i find them high at the moment) and deposit amount so the offer can automatically adjust to the current wallet balance (so i dont have to cancel do the maths and post an offer again due to insufficient funds…)

A redesign of Bisq is coming out very soon and is currently in testing.
I am not sure if this will be addressed in the new release, but if it isn’t, you could create a feature request on GitHub using issues.

Most of the trading fee is mining fees and in general the trading fee is trying to be as low as possible, due to the open source nature of the project. It might be possible to further reduce it, but that would create some dangers of it’s own, I guess, due to getting close to the dust amount. Either way, there will be some changes coming in next few months, with the DAO and optional BSQ based fees.