Available balance not enough

i like to sell btc for monero, my available balance is 0.07, i am required some 0.06xx, but bisq tells me its not enough, this happens on all kind of orders.
what is wrong?
PS: I have a screenshot of this situation, how can i upload it?

Do you have enough for the security deposit as well? You should update to the latest version 0.6.3 as well.

You can upload by pressing that little “arrow up” button, left from list buttons when you are typing a post.

thanks, irt doezsnt matter if .6.2. or.6.3, see the attach

ment now

Can you check with cmd+e it the balance there is the same as in the UI? If not delete the spv file in settings/network. Will require 2 restarts and might take a bit for resync.