Available balance show 0.00 after reinstall and restore wallet

It is related to “Seed doesnt restore the wallet” but this bug is for Bisq.

I have make a deposit and some trades, all trades is closed.
I have a old AppData Bisq backup where the 1th trade was open. I do not use the backup.
After a Reset Windows 10 and a fresh install of Bisq + Restore wallet where I keyin the Wallet seed + date
1: Available balance show 0.00
2: Send funds display in centre: No funds are available for withdrawal.
But the “Transaction” show all tx related to the seed.
How to get the Available balance fixed.

In my point of view Bisq is a HD wallet with decentralise exchange functionalities.
After install all HD wallet ask: Restore or create.

Bug detail:
No open trades.
How to reproduce
Reset windows 10
Install Bisq and start
Restore wallet (seed + date)

1: Available balance show 0.00
2: Send funds display in centre: No funds are available for withdrawal.

But the “Transaction” show all tx related to the seed.
Close and start don’t fx the bugs.

It look like that after Restore wallet all controls have to be regenerated/update().

Edit: Ctrl + j show the correct balance:
Wallet containing x.xx BTC (spendable: x.xx BTC) in.
I think that this information always have to be the same as “Available balance” display in the top of Bisq.

I have the same problem. I will have to keep my faulty laptop where Bisq wallet was generated firs time instead of sending it to warranty repair.¨
NOT user frendly!
NOT intuitive!
NO ufficial guide & video how to correctly restore wallet on a new machine!
Bisq Sucks!

Did you restore a wallet from a pre version 0.5. app? We changed the wallet format (BIP44) in v 0.5 so the old wallet cannot be imported (as described in the info text). I assume you have the latest version installed, if not please update.

Same version on both computers; 0.5.3
The wallet was created in may 2017.
Can I run Bisq with same wallet on multiple machines or do I have to bring my laptop to work, to vacation,…
Can you make a video how EXACTLY wallet can be restored step by step?

If created in may it was the old version (v0.5 was released on Jun 28 https://github.com/bisq-network/exchange/releases/tag/v0.5.0).
You cannot import the old wallet as stated in the info text. you need to make a normal BTC transaction or use the private keys (cmd+j, you need to deactivate wallet password to see the priv keys).

In my case the seed is generated with 0.53 and it can be proved because the tx connected to that seed is found.
The problem is that the found tx have to be the source to Available balance etc.

You need to old data directory as well. But if the funds are not locked in a trade you can use the emergency wallet tool to send it out. with cmd+e you can open that.
the wallet requires also data base files so it is organized to the trades and offers and that is used for the balance display. importing the seed only does not restore the correct state of the app. you need to use an old backup (but only if the old version was not below v0.5).

I have imported the first xpub from ctrl J to electron and electron only show the saldo for the first trade (buy bitcoin).
Then I was created a new wallet and copy all address from the same xpub.
I seems that bisq don’t use address form the beginning
(M/44H/0H/0H/0/2) and so on

The fist trade use address

The second trade use address

Whey not use addressee from the beginning?

It uses, though depending on your usage case your first trade might have happened later.