B2X statement

My statement regarding B2X

I am personally strictly opposed against B2X (Segwit2X).
Bisq as a collaborative effort has no opinion. Only it’s contributors.


The lack of replay protection could cause some troubles for the trades, I hope it never comes to that and B2X implements it before the fork.

Yes, it will be very troublesome. I am tired of those fork attacks and wasting time to prepare protection against it.

Last time it ended up in the support for other base currencies (which have close zero trade activity, so they did not add value to Bisq - though it is good that we have that now). It burnt a lot of dev time missing for other more important work.

I assume that B2X will fail the same way like BCH, Classic, Unlimited, XT,…
I will wait until we get more close to it to consider how we deal with it.

BitcoinJ does follows blindly the longest PoW chain. It could be that in the worst case both chains are competing with nearly the same hash power. Then miners switching chains could cause huge reorgs and would render Bisq trades insecure.
It would be unclear for how many confirmations one need to wait to be sure the chain cannot be reorged (and the deposit tx rendered invalid). Replay is another beast…
Anyway, hope those actors don’t get sufficient support so it will not be a serious threat to Bitcoin and we don’t have to waste again our precious time.