Back from hiatus


I’m back from a hiatus and would like to use bisq again. I know that keeping my old bisq reputation will be helpful because I don’t have to start from scratch. I’m not concerned about any old btc addresses though since I don’t have any funds in my old account anyway. What’s the best way to get my old reputation back after I download the latest client? The following files are from a directory that I backed up. May I still use this:

bisq_1.log bisq.log bisq.log.orig btc_mainnet btc_mainnet.orig prevent-app-nap-silent-sound.aiff

Sorry it’s been a while since you posted, but if you’d still like help, I would recommend starting with a fresh data directory. Bisq doesn’t really have any kind of reputation, so the only benefit you’ll get from using your old configuration is having your old payment accounts.

You can see how to migrate old payment accounts to a new data directory here.

You would keep your payment account age and earlier trades from the backup.