Back to work

Just came back from the hacker conference in Prague. Was a fantastic event with a great community! Met a lot of very interesting people and many developers. Hope some will join us! And best was that our japanese friend @kenshishido was there as well, so we finally could meet in person and had great conversations and brainstormed many plans for Bitsquare. He will be our voice in Japan and other asian countries. Hope I can do a presentation tour next year to visit Japan, Singapore, Hongkong and Kuala Lumpur.

I could also discuss the concept for the Bitsquare foundation (formerly called DAO/Synergetic cooperation) with a few people and seems we get close now to a solid solution. Will announce and publish soon the paper for feedback.

I need a day or two to work through all my emails and to catch up with all the activities happened here and on Github, so please have a bit patience…


Manfred got intro-ed by Andreas. (not every other speakers get his intro). Does it mean something? We will be the largest exchange in the world, if not the only exchange. Go Bitsquare!

Wow, I thought you fell off the planet, nothing for days. Welcome back!

No, had just terrible internet in the hotel…
And now will still need a bit to catch up here and on GH. Thanks so far for all, you have been super-active so far I saw! Will add my feedback/comments soon.

Most of my changes can’t be appreciated unless you have a small monitor. The layout on my laptop now loooks very clean and tidy, except for a few pages where I can’t find the right code to change.

I still didn’t get another price feed done for altcoins yet.

looking forward to see the changes, i run bitsquare on a small home microserver and connect via x2go in a smaller window from my desktop. has been a bit clunky/fustrating at times at the smaller resolution. edit: hope to see the presentation on youtube, pretty sure thats how i stumbled on bitsquare in the first place and it was very informative. may be good idea to add to the videos section of the website.

Here’s something to whet your appetite then. The Spreads page had to be about the most cluttered of all: