Backup of Wallet

Hello, so my hard drive crashes, and i only had my seed backed up. i did not realize i would need anything more than this to get my wallets back…so if i did not back up the data directory, is it possible to restore my wallets? or get the private keys to the addresses that i had? they are not showing up after i re-import the seed. thanks

ok so I was able to get the hard drive working but only with a windows reset, I am not sure that I am able to go back and get the data from that folder. so there is no way to import my funds from just the seed? if so this needs to be explained easier on the page with the seed! i did not see the backup tab unfortunately before, so when i saw the seed i assumed it was like the majority of other wallets and that is all you needed. I thought that’s how it would work…this is very confusing and I am worried because I had a cpl orders open and also a good bit of funds on that account.

so when i import the seed i can see a list of my transactions, but my open order and support ticket is not showing up, and i have 0 BTC balance still…not sure what to do?

if this happens to anyone else, i tried this
and was able to send out any coins that were not stuck in orders already processing. i wonder if there will be a fix to this issue? thanks for the great project! lets get more people using this bad boy!

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Oh sorry to hear that. Yes I will try to make that more clear in future releases.
The seed words are only for the HD wallet but does not cover the app database data. So you dont get back your offers, but the BTC funds of the offer are in the local wallet and can be recovered.
The balance display will likely be screwed up as it uses the app database as well. So best to use the emergency wallet tool to send out all btc and start over with a new app data directory and new wallet.
To open the wallet tool press ctrl+e or cmd+e and transfer all btc out to an external wallet. then remove the bitsquare folder in the app data directory (u can open it under backup). after that start new and u get a fresh start.

ok thanks. so what about offers that were accepted already, but have not processed. say a buyer accepted my offer before all this happened, but did not ever deposit the (local currency). shall i just wait until the arbiter doesn’t get a response from me? and hopefully he just refunds both parties? and what if he sides with the other guy? thanks for all your hard work
also, you deserve a donation address up somewhere for people to support the project! :slight_smile:

If an offer got accepted it is a trade ad the funds are in the multisig. The peer who would suffer from the failed trade will receive the funds. So worst case if that was the case that you could lose the security deposit (0.01 BTC) as the arbitrator see no reply from your side.

Thanks for your feedback! On the webpage at there is a donation link.
Best support is to use Bitsquare and spread the word, and of course if you are developer we can need your help!
Thanks for your patience and understandings, we are still a young project and lack resources.