Bad Arbitrator Experience

So, I did an Altcoin trade BSQ (I was BSQ buyer), and the Seller didn’t send the BSQ…
The Arbitrator said that the Seller’s TX didn’t confirm and closed the ticket.
So now the trade is in my history as ‘Ticket Closed’.

i would have expected the Arbitrator to ask the seller to resend the TX, and communicate a bit more. And not close the trade before I can comment on the result.

Feedback! use/ comment as preferred.

If the arbitrator could see the transaction on the blockchain, telling you to wait for it to confirm is the only thing he can do. Telling the seller to re-send the BSQ would be a very bad idea as you would receive double the BSQ amount that you paid for once both the original transaction and the re-send transaction confirm.

I agree that the arbitrator should have left the ticket open until he or you unlocked the BTC for the seller.

sure, of course. however, in this case ,unless I’m mistaken (I’ll restart Bisq to double check) , the TX never arrived , and never got broadcast. Maybe it was never sent. either way, It’s logical to ask the Seller to go out the trade and resend and/ communicate to both parties.

Oh, so the arbitrator didn’t even ask the seller for the transaction ID? You’re right, just saying the transaction didn’t confirm yet without actually checking and then closing the ticket is indeed something an arbitrator should never do! Especially if you consider that once the ticket has been closed, there’s no way to contact the arbitrator again (iirc).

yep, ticket closed , order expired… seemed, unconfirmed/ unsent TX wa good reason enough to resolve the issue… : /

Who was arbitrating?