Balance not showing after restoring wallets from seed

Hi, I migrated from PC to Mac. I didn’t find any useful instructions on how to use a backup in order to migrate, so I simply restored my wallet from seed. That seemed to work while I was watching the complete transaction history being restored. But the available balance stays at 0.00 BTC. How’s this possible? On my old PC, the Available balance is correct, while on bisq on Mac shows 0.00 BTC. Exact same wallet.

You can try deleting the SPV chain file in Settings and restarting the app twice.

PS: There is one very cute video on how to restore from backup in Windows 7.

Ok where do I find the SPV chain to delete? (And what is it?)

I saw the youtube video but it doesn’t help on Mac. The folder structure doesn’t make any sense.

You can find a button in the Settings that says “Delete SPV chain file”, that is the simplest way of doing that.

Yeah, the tutorial is only for Windows, but it is quite a simple process.
The whole idea is that you need to copy the contents of the folder inside your Bisq backup to a data directory. You will see the similarities in files once you open a folder inside your backup and the data directory.

On Mac you should be able to find a data directory at: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Bisq

I deleted the SPV chain and it took a while to reload but the Available balance still shows 0.00 BTC. How strange, transaction history shows that I last received incoming funds on Apr 4, but the balance is 0.

And by the way on my Mac, I went in Finder to /Users/myusername/ and searched for “library”, “Application Support” and for “Bisq” and found nothing. The folder structure seems different than on windows.

You can also try pressing cmd+e for emergency wallet tool and try to access your funds that way.

I never used a Mac, so I can’t be too sure about it, I just quoted what devs said once about data directory on different systems. Maybe try searching for “Library” instead of “library” or access it with a command line, I don’t know.

Hah, when i press cmd+e, the correct balance shows. I guess I should better start from scratch on my Mac with a new wallet and then empty my wallet on my old PC.

It’s these weird episodes why I still don’t tell family and friends to get into bitcoin. They’d panic kill me if this happened to them.

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Data dire on mac is:
/Users/[USER]/Library/Application\ Support/Bisq
it is hidden by default so you can open it with terminal or change system settings to show hidden files