Bank Acc only One Name?

In one of the trades where I am buying, the Personal Seller’s bank “full name” has only One (1) Name, instead of two. It looks like a German surname & and it is a German bank, but my bank (TransferWise) and others don’t accept only one name for recipient.

My questions to Admin or otherwise is

a) how to proceed,
b) does this not appear suspicious and if so what can I do?

Thanks in advance (I am new here so I appreciate any help)

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Well if you simply can not send a payment with the given information, then you should open a dispute with cmd+o.

As for is it suspicious, I don’t know, it is not very likely that there is something shady going on. Especially when most Bisq users are people who like their privacy, but this just might be some kind of a mistake.

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Thanks for the suggestion - I just did so. :+1: