Bank locked my account in error. Will I lose the deposit (Buyer)?

Hello all, new here. Having trouble with a buy order using Zelle. Bank said my account was locked due to a fraud alert. I went in and they couldn’t tell me why the account was locked by them. So I showed docs, authorized the payment, and was told the hold will be released right around the end of the 4 day trade period…might be after the trade window.

They said since this payment was cancelled, I’ll have to resubmit payment after the hold is released. Does that mean I’ll lose my deposit on this trade? My bank cancelled the transfer, so no payment was made, but would I be charged by Bisq for the deposit if the payment is made past the 4 days?

Seller suggested I send another payment to her other Zelle account. If I do, would I lose the deposit on this buy order?

Many thanks for clarifying.

Never send to a different Zelle account other than the one Bisq says.
You can open mediation right now by clicking ctrl+O. Maybe the mediator will ask for proof of why the payment is going to be delayed. The trade can be completed even after the trading window when there are justified reasons.

Thanks. We both agreed to cancel the transaction and I advised a mediator. In the future, if a mediator asks for proof of why payment will be delayed, how do I do that since many banks are adverse to buying and selling crypto?

I guess they will ask for mails or other web pages where the bank says that you need to wait.