Bank of America deleted my Zelle phone number


I have a quite old payment account in Bisq with Zelle payment method. I had a few successful trades with this account. Recently Bank of America deleted the phone number from my Zelle account “due to inactivity”. This is the number I also have in Zelle payment account in Bisq. If I try to re-enroll this number back, the bank responds with “Unknown error”.

I also have my email address attached to this same Zelle account, however, it’s not listed anywhere in Bisq. In case I want to buy some BTC, and if I use Zelle to pay for it, will this fact lead to dispute? (i.e. fiat funds will come to the receiver from the different Zelle ID, though the trade ID will be correct)

Not sure about that, but can’t you simply create a new Zelle account with the new parameters, and use this one ?

I can for sure, just don’t like these new limits. Old account was more than 1 year old.

ah yes. I forgot about this point.

Maybe you can give a try with a small trade.
Or even do a trade with yourself and see how it processes.

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