Bank transfer problem

I bought bitcoin on Bisq for the first time last night and sent the money by bank transfer. Today, I found that the money is still not with the seller. So I went into my bank account and there was no sign of the transaction. I phoned the bank and they could not find any trace of the transaction either. One thing that occurs to me is that since Bisq does not provide the seller’s name, I put in his/her Bisq ID where it asks for the name. Maybe that is why it did not go through - the name I had given did not correspond to the name on the account. Has anyone else had this problem?

Second, now I want to send the money again and the details of bank number and sort code are not visible anywhere. And I seem to have no way of communicating with the seller to get these again. What do I do?

I would really like to communicate with the seller and get his/her name to go on the bank transfer form and the details of bank number and sort code again

This whole process is mystifying? And I only have 10 hours left to complete this trade.

When in doubt, open a dispute with cmd+o :slight_smile:

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