Bank Transfer Safety

Anyone have experience using an EU bank to buy Monero and Bitcoin on Bisq directly? Is it safe to do so? Meaning if an audit were to take place on either end would both parties be investigated?

Otherwise can someone recommend a way to buy crypto with a US or EU bank account?

How do I do that?

How can I move money into bitcoin from a bank account though?

Although it can be severe differences between different banks, European banking rules make very hard to do cash deposits without identifying the sender, even for small amounts.

Most used payment methods at Bisq are sepa and Revolut.
I would use one of these to buy BTC and then exchange those BTC for XMR.
For US I would use zelle or uspmo.

I was using Bitpanda to buy BTC using SEPA. But they recently won’t allow US passport holders to use their services anymore. My concern is how safe is it to be using my bank account (SEPA) to purchase BTC directly on Bisq? Or use Zelle in the US?

Your bank won’t have any clue that you’re purchasing BTC, they will just see a transfer to another account with something like a serial number.
Can they close your account for suspicious activity? Yes, that can happen, but it’s not common. They won’t provide any details, but I think (note that it’s just my opinion) that they look for unusual volume/number of transfers.

What if the other person’s account is audited or closed for suspicious activity?

Have you used Bisq yourself to buy BTC with a bank account SEPA (in the EU)?

Yes I have used it several times with ddifferent entities, to buy and sell BTC. No issues.

If the other account is closed, you’ll just be informed that you can’t send funds there, so no need to worry :stuck_out_tongue:
About being audited, it’s a matter of degrees. Bank accounts are always audited, meaning that privacy is not something you can expect. There can always be different entities, starting from your own bank, keeping an eye into your bank account.
What we know is that Bisq works fine today.

MnM I cant thank you enough for answering all my newbie questions. But one last question.

If I take an offer to buy BTC using SEPA as my payment method. I still have to put up BTC as a security despot for the trade, correct? Lastly why are the offers 10%-20% over market value (buying BTC with SEPA)? Ive found much better rates trading between BTC and XMR. I guess thats 2 questions /-)

Im looking to be trading in volumes of 1k to 2k per month.

Your questions and fears are very normal. It’s very important to know and measure the risks before trading. I figure that as you’re already here, you already know the advantages.

BTC security deposits are necessary for every payment method, is a basic Bisq security measure.

Now, with a signed account, you can buy 0.08 BTC using sepa for 0.8%s pot, even less if you have a BE national bank account. First you might want to sign your account, to be able to buy over 0.01BTC per trade and get better rates. Account limits - Bisq Wiki

Cool. How do I get my account signed for a SEPA payment method?

But more importantly why are most offers 10%-20% over market BTC price?

It’s explained on the [account limits wiki page]. Basically, you have to buy to a sepa account that was signed at least the last 30 days. You can see if an account can sign unsigned accounts on the “time since sign-in” colum on the buy btc tab.

Sellers offering to sign other accounts set their prices, it’s normal to overpay 5-15% for it. Then you can buy BTC at better prices, probably for less than 1.5% spot price.

This is all fascinating. Im trying to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing btc with fiat via bisq. Do you use bisq for this kind of purchases or are site like bitpanda (that I can no longer use) better?

How do you buy bitcoin with fiat?

I think I’ve never bought BTC at a centralized exchange (a couple times, I used a webpage that accepted debit cards). Never had big trouble.
Now I just use Bisq.

How long do these offers taking offer take to with sepa? After someone has accepted you offer of course.

Do you have BTC you like to sell me :slight_smile:

Settlement time, from my experience, is from a few hours (I guess the have instant sepa) to 4 days. Normally a couple days, or 3 for weekends.
There can be issues and sometimes it took more than a week, which is the max trading window. I never had to use the arbitrator, but if that happens, your trade will take more than 20 days to settle.

I can’t sell you, sorry.

Ive read over the wiki on the subject. Basically if I take an offer from someone who requires signing, that will sign my SEPA trading account after 30 days basically and up my trading allotment. It will also give me access to better trades that are closer to market value?

However will the trader accept a trade from me as unsigned SEPA account like mine?

You need to take an offer from a signed account since 30 days. This will make your account start aging, and after 30 days you will be able to take offers over 0.01 BTC, which usually are cheaper.

There might not be too many people willing to do that, so it’s quite expensive. I consider that if you find an offer for 5% spot price, it’s a good option, but I would take one for 10%, maybe 15% as well. It should be only once, and for a small amount.

Thanks for the information sharing