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I am thinking of opening an indian bank account for bisq transfers. In general to do a bank transfer within india but to a different bank, do I have to register the payee in advance or can I send the money by entering a payee’s bank account details and send them the money in one action?

I don’t know how the bank system works in India, but in general you don’t have to register the payee in advance.

(As for easy money transfer, I find that paypal is an interesting and easy solution.)

Thankyou for your reply. As this is a specific question pertaining to India bank transfers only, perhaps someone from India who transfers money could kindly answer the above question.

It seems that you have to register The payee first:
But the process seems instant:

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Payee need not be pre registered. You could use UPI via GooglePay/paytm/ other UPI providers for instant transfers with a ceiling of 100,000 INR per day.