Bank won't allow me to send funds, trade is initiated, what do?

Somebody accepted a buy offer I had put up that was for a relatively large amount. The seller sent the BTC and I’m unable to send the funds due to transfer limits at my banking institution, I tried chatting with the seller, no answer so far. I don’t want his funds to be stuck because this is my fault, how to cancel? I could then make smaller offers that could go through.

Hi @elbowghost thanks for making the post.

If you are having issues with making the payment you should:

  • Contact your bank to see what the problem is and to try and expediate the transfer
  • Let you counter party know asap
  • Open up mediation by selecting the trade and clicking : ‘Ctrl + o’ or ‘alt + o’ or ‘cmd + o’. You can then let the mediator know your issue.

If you are unable to send payment in the trade window you might lose some of your security deposit. This is dependent on how late the payment arrives and how well you communicate any issues you are experiencing.

It happens to me the same. I lost 25% of the security deposit. Fair enough.

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