Banking Bans on Purchasing Crypto Can Benefit Bisq

This morning, Lloyds bank, along with several other smaller banks like Bank of Scotland joined the ranks of Bank of America, Citigroup, and JP Morgan Chase to stop customers from purchasing cryptocurrencies with their credit cards.

This is a good thing… for Bisq.

These banks have not, however, disallowed customers from purchasing Crypto with their debit cards. The fact that all major credit card networks have changed the terms, and now levy additional charges and higher interest rates on Crypto purchases, as in ‘cash advances.’

Anyways, the point is that once Bitcoin finds its price floor over the next couple months, Bisq members should monopolize on the opportunity to spread the word on Twitter, Reddit, about Bisq.

Over the next month, I’ll work on a few posters that can be shared.


Great, thanks!

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In the news this morning…

We never wish that high privacy and security of Bisq is necessary, but it seems like we were right to worry that it will be. It is good news that we are ready for this with Bisq :slight_smile:

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