Base currency should be BTC... little confusing to me at the moment

Shouldn’t it be i.e BTC/LTC @ 0.089 instead of LTC/BTC @ 112.816 ? little confusing since all other exchanges have BTC/LTC, BTC/DASH etc.

There is no right or wrong just different conventions. Its easily converted by 1/x and exchange switch sides meaning bit becomes ask and vice versa.
Anyway the whole topic (UI design, convention etc.) is still under discussion. Why would you prefer one over the other ?

it make sense to have BTC has a base currency for Crypto. Meaning BTC should be the accounting currency or “primary currency”. Moreover literately all other exchanges use BTC as base currency. I don’t see why Bitsquare doesn’t but maybe that’s just me

You can switch that by clicking the icon right to the market price.
I used the same as I use with Fiat (EUR/BTC), and Bitcoin is technically always the main currency.
The reason why the altcoin exchanges use the opposite is prob. that one started and the othere followed :-).
Though there is more…
Intuition tells us to change money against a commodity. So Fiat is money and BTC the commodity. Thats why intuition tells you its more logical to buy Bitcoin with Fiat rather than to buy Fiat with BTC. With altcoins is the opposite. BTC is considered the curreny and the altcoins the commdity, so its more logical to say buy ETH with BTC than buy BTC with ETH. Here of course it breaks with the current handling. But to change that will be quite a lot of effort. But in future that will be improved by UI changes.

Hey guys, first off thank you for adding MOIN, we’re excited to be involved. I actually came here to make the same suggestion as @Lordly. I see what you’re saying @ManfredKarrer about the original choice maybe having been a bit counter-intuitive, but the convention of displaying prices of alts this way is widespread and firmly established now. See here and here for non-exchange examples.

I think for most people it’s probably difficult not to think of alt prices this way (Dogecoin around 50 sats), plus it makes it easier to compare prices against other exchanges. So I’d be really grateful too if at some point in the future you’re able to add an option to display prices (making buys/sells and offers) that way. I think it’d make it quite a bit easier for newcomers.

Yes will adjust that in one of the next releases.