Basic guideline for developers who want to participate

I want to give a rough overview how I would like to manage (or reduce the need to manage) team work.

Bitsquare is a large and complex software project. It has about 80k lines of code and it might take several weeks to understand the whole code base.
That is not only a lot of effort for the developer to join but also for me for onboarding. So I need to be sure that this investment makes sense for the project.

To avoid frustration on both sides I suggest following path:

  • To start, a new developer should pick any “low hanging fruit” task from the GitHub issue list (or we find together one after having a conversation). He should make a comment in the GH issue that he is working on that and a rough estimation when he thinks he can deliver a PR for that task to avoid duplicate work.
  • A new developer who wants to get a bit deeper into the project need to have read the whitepaper, the arbitration system paper and have used the software so he understands all important aspects.
  • I don’t want overhead on the project management side. People should act self organized as far as possible. Please have a look to the book of the Pirate Party founder Rick Falkvinge - Swarmwise [1] - to get a better idea about how efficient self organisation can work.
  • There is no compensation for a completed task before the DAO model is in place. Past contribution might be considered when the DAO model starts but please don’t count on that. There is no guarantee that it will be ever deployed - though it is planned of course. For high quality work and essential tasks a compensation in direct payment (not tokens but bitcoin, or mixed) can be considered as well, but that will be based on individual decisions and not be the general rule.


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