Basic statistics about downloads, offers and trades

Here are the statistics for app downloads:

Here u can see the trade activity:
It is the arbitrator address which receives the create offer fee (0.0003) and the take offer fee (0.0008 btc).

Not very easy to get out the numbers but the numbers for the last 2 versions are with today (25.4.):
249 create offer payments in total (version 0.4.2 and 0.4.3)
54 take offer fee payments in total (version 0.4.2 and 0.4.3)

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Congrats Manfred!
Amazing good start! more than 1000 times! Even considering that a full load of them are doubled and tripled because of upgrading… I have to say that the upgrade for the 64bit.deb is fast and user friendly.

Update 17.4-30.4:
401 offers
98 trades

Interesting webpage statistics page:

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Mafred, would you have any latest numbers on growth etc ? I would be interested to know. I’m writing a short paper on Bisq and would be great to know any aprox stats.

Here is a good metrics:
nr. of installed versions. …

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cool ! will take another look