Batched Transactions

Hi there! Since after some time of using Bisq i have got several wallets with some funds, i just wonder if it will be possible to send them all at once as a batch transaction. This will reduce miners fees and also improve the privacy (as I am planning to send the funds to several wallets at once). Is this somehow possible to do now? or in future?


Are you confusing wallets with addresses? I don’t think why you should use many Bisq wallets (instances) and batching that would be very difficult to do. I assume when you’re saying wallets, you mean addresses.

Batching transactions is not planned in the near future. I also missed sending to different addresses in a single transaction sometimes, but I understand that the main function for Bisq is not to be best wallet there, but a simple one, and the best P2P exchange network.
I don’t know if batched transactions would be easy to implement, but I imagine that if it were, it would already have been done.

On the meantime, specially if you’re not going to use those Bisq wallets anymore, you could import seeds to an external wallet like Electrum. It’s not ideal and risky, but still a possibility.

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Thanks! I did confused wallets with addresses, sorry. Okay, I understand your point and agree that this feature is just an addition (not crucial).